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School Uniform

To facilitate effective teaching and learning there is a strict code of conduct regarding the school uniform and office dress code for students and staff. Establishing and maintaining high expectations of the appearance of students and staff is integral to supporting the ethos of a professional and business orientated educational environment.

In our diverse community, some of our students follow religious guidance on aspects of appropriate clothing. Thomas Telford UTC is sensitive to the requirements of specific items of dress code required by religious beliefs.

We ask for your support and cooperation to help keep and maintain high standards for students' uniforms. Thomas Telford UTCs clothing requirements are listed below.

Student Uniform and Dress Code

Students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 should wear the prescribed uniform at all times. Sixth Form students do not wear the prescribed uniform but should wear clothing appropriate for the business world or office environment. (Specific details are outlined later in this policy).

Members of the general public make judgements about Thomas Telford UTC based upon standards of academic achievement, behaviour and uniform. All students are expected to wear full uniform when being transported to and from the UTC. Students are expected to take pride in their appearance and this should be replicated in the way uniform is worn.

NO TRAINERS/TRAINER TYPES, for example, Nike Air Force 1's - These are NOT acceptable at the UTC.

Students in Year 7 to 11

Students in Years 7 – 11 inclusive are required to purchase the Thomas Telford UTC uniform. Specific items must be purchased from Lads & Lasses School Wear, accessible online by clicking here ( or in store: Lads & Lasses, 50a Warstones Road, Penn, WV4 4LP.

Boys Uniform

  • Thomas Telford UTC blazer
  • Trousers - Grey provided by Lads and Lasses
  • Thomas Telford UTC tie
  • A White shirt - Short or long sleeve
  • Black socks
  • Plain polishable smart black leather shoes, no visible Logos or branding.

Girls Uniform

  • Thomas Telford UTC blazer
  • Trousers/skirt - Grey and in the style of the Lads & Lasses product. Skirt as sold in Lads & Lasses.
  • Thomas Telford UTC tie
  • A white shirt - Short or long sleve
  • Black socks with trousers, black/grey/natural tights or black knee-high socks with skirt.
  • Plain polishable smart black leather shoes, no visible Logos or branding.

Students in Sixth-Form

Boys Uniform

  • A suit including a jacket
  • Smart leather or suede shoes, no visible logos or branding
  • Smart shirt and tie.

Girls Uniform

  • A suit including a jacket or a skirt suit
  • Smart leather or suede shoes, or heels - health and safety in the school environment will need to be considered.
  • Smart blouse or top.

There is no expectation for girls to wear a tie. Skirts should be a professional length and not a leather/leather look or denim material.

Additional Guidelines

Religious Observance

Thomas Telford UTC is committed to providing an inclusive approach to its dress code that enables all students and staff to observe recognized religious practices. The wearing of a Hijab or turban can be part of the uniform. We request that any head dress is black, grey or burgundy. Other exceptions and alterations to the dress code should be discussed and approved by the Principal. Note that in all cases faces must be recognizable and visible at all times.


Note that for Health and Safety purposes it may be required to remove certain items of jewellery during certain UTC activities.


These should be small, simple stud earrings for Health and Safety reasons. The number is not prescribed here but once again a professional look must be maintained so the number should be limited. The conduct team will consult with their line manager if required. The line manager - a Vice Principal will make the final decision on what is acceptable and what breaches the dress code.

Other Piercings

No facial piercings are permitted at the UTC site. Facial piercings must be removed at the UTC. They are not allowed. Take this into consideration when deciding on getting a piercing. We expect the support of all our families by discouraging their child getting piercings.


Students should not wear more than two rings.

Bracelets, Charity Band and Watches

A single, simple bracelet, charity band or watch may be worn on each arm. These must be removed for certain practical or sporting activities.


Necklaces should not be visible at the UTC site.


Hairstyles must not be extreme and should present a suitably professional image. Non-natural hair colours are not permitted. Very long hair should be tied up for health and safety purposes whilst at the UTC. Grade zeros and any patterns are not acceptable.

All hair accessories such as head bands or beads should be subtle and of a natural hair colour.


Hats, Bags, Caps, Durags/Do-Rags and Coats

Must not be worn indoors and placed in lockers on arrival.


Should be subtle and natural looking. No false eye lashes.


Nail polish is permitted but should be restricted to neutral, single colours or a natural coloured French polish. Nails should be kept short.

Uniform Shop

The Official School Outfitter is Lads & Lasses Schoolwear and the full school dress requirements can be purchased from them: Lads & Lasses Schoolwear 50a Warstones Road, Penn, Wolverhampton, WV4 4LP Alternatively uniform can also be purchased online: