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Welcome to Thomas Telford UTC

I am confident we will see the flagship Thomas Telford UTC become the gold standard for secondary education within Wolverhampton. I want every child that comes to Thomas Telford UTC to be part of the very fabric of the school, and to go home every day feeling fulfilled and happy that they have made progress in their learning and development.

Our partners at the Thomas Telford School and the University of Wolverhampton believe that every child deserves the chance to flourish in an exceptional environment that offers access to cutting-edge technology, and unique hands-on experience. Together we will provide you with the perfect combination of academic and technical excellence in preparation for the world of work and the fantastic opportunities that await your child.

Our teachers will not only care for, nurture, and motivate your child, but the innovative curriculum that we offer will both inspire and prepare them for an outstanding future. I am excited not only about the planned expansion of our unique school, but even more so about the individual growth of each child over the coming years.

Mr. A Gill, Principal.

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Y7 Admissions

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Sixth-Form Admissions

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What to do if your child has symptoms.


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Guidance for Parents and Students.


Today's Sessions

Y7 Football + Y7/8 Basketball vs St Matthias
Year: 7/8
Staff: LMA/ BSI/ BWO
Location: St Matthias

Y12 Construction Employer Project
Year: 12
Location: Inn 6

Tomorrow's Sessions

Year: 7/8/9
Staff: HCA/EBA
Location: Dance Studio

Year: 7/8/9
Staff: LMA
Location: Fitness Suite

Year: 7/8/9
Staff: BWO/KPA
Location: Sports Hall

Homework Club
Year: 7/8/9
Staff: RWA/OOW
Location: Inn 1

KS3 English Support
Year: 7/8/9
Staff: EAL
Location: SR17

Year: 7/8/9
Staff: ELA/DFU
Location: Astro

Reading for Pleasure
Year: 7/8/9
Staff: LFE/MSE
Location: Library

Y7 Football Fixture vs Aldersley School
Year: 7
Staff: LMA/ BWO
Location: Aldersley School

One to one Support
Year: 9
Staff: CLU
Location: SEN Room

Independent Study/Essay Skills
Year: 10/11/12/13
Staff: MAU/OWR
Location: Inn 8

Y10 Construction Intervention
Year: 10
Staff: ABR
Location: BE3

Y10 DT Intervention
Year: 10
Staff: ACH
Location: BE5

Y11 Art Intervention
Year: 11
Staff: KYA
Location: Design 1

Y11 Construction Intervention
Year: 11
Staff: TCH
Location: BE2

Y11 Science Intervention
Year: 11
Location: Science

Year 11 GCSE History
Year: 11
Staff: MWH
Location: Study Room 20

Y12 Business Employer Project
Year: 12
Location: Inn 2

Y13 Construction Intervention
Year: 13
Staff: HPE
Location: Inn 6

Y13 Science Intervention
Year: 13
Staff: KRI
Location: Sci 6

Y13 Science Intervention
Year: 13
Staff: MLO
Location: Sci 3


World Book Day

Happy World Book Day!

In honour of World Book Day, a global celebration of books and reading, an anonymous group of readers at the school have revealed their favourite novel. Dubbed “The Masked Reader” students have been given a task to uncover the identity of each reader. Read more by clicking the button below. 

Year 7 Prospectus

View the prospectus on the website now to find out about life at Thomas Telford UTC and all the opportunities that could follow. 

4PP Prospectus LR


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