Sixth Form Enhancement (Year 14)

We are very delighted to be able to offer a Sixth Form Enhancement Year to those students who have recently completed Year 13 who are planning to defer their entry to university or an apprenticeship. This offer is both worthwhile in broadening your skills and qualifications and is an exciting pathway as an alternative to a gap year as the UK economy recovers from the pandemic.

With our close relationships with Employers, we have put together programme choices that will allow you to develop skills in technical qualifications where there is a recognised skills shortage in the UK. The qualifications are also complimentary to each other and as a combination will be extremely attractive to admissions tutors and employers alike.

In addition to these qualification choices, students may also wish to apply for a 1 day per week, year-long industry placement with one of our employer partners. Please note placements are subject to availability.

BTEC (Extended) Certificate in Business - Available as both a full A-Level or an AS-Level, this course will give you clear understanding of how businesses run and are successful in a modern economy. Understanding marketing, business planning, personnel management and competition are essential for all businesses to be successful, regardless of the sector!

BTEC Certificate in ICT - This AS-Level equivalent course will provide you with the skills to make use of modern technology to its full potential. All employers are relying increasingly on their staff abilities to make use of advanced features in office software, communication software and record keeping in order to streamline and keep their business profitable.

Mathematical Studies - This AS-Level equivalent course moves away from the basic mathematics of GCSE and focusses upon the functional maths needed by professionals in their day to day work. Calculating loan and mortgage repayments, Fermi estimations and profit margins are all common requirements of today’s professionals.

BTEC Extended Certificate in Construction - This single A-Level course is hand selected by our employers and an excellent introduction to the professional world of construction. Completing the course will not only give you a firm understanding of the basic construction materials, technologies and processes, but also a wonderful foundation for degree level study and a career in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Surveying, Construction Management and more!

We are sure you will agree that each of the pathways provides an excellent combination that will give you the edge in your chosen career. If interested please e-mail Admissions and we will get in touch.